We often wake up feeling the need for change. Perhaps a lingering thought on our minds since a while – but we simply don’t get around bring about such a change without struggle. Let’s reflect upon change this week – and about how we may struggle with change.

If change is what we want i.e something new in our life, and it comes too slowly, we struggle with the discomfort of being able to manifest it. Sometimes change can come quite quickly, before we may be ready to receive it. And we may struggle to adapt to the new!

The underlying relationship with change is Time. In many cultures and traditions, the relative realm we live in has a lot to do with the realm of body, mind and time. Hence, we are perhaps unkind to ourselves when we struggle – thinking that we are not doing something right or something that needs to be done with change comes around.

Perhaps when change seems to come slowly, anxiety takes over. Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is the ‘Kl’ of Aikido and the ‘CHI’ of Chinese Tai Chi and Acupuncture. Rei means Universal and Ki means Life Force Energy.

We all are born with this Universal Life Force, as it is energy of life itself. This force is around us and within us.

So, how can Reiki help with change?

As we discussed, change can bring about discomfort, anxiety, stress … etc. But change is necessary at times. Reiki, as a self-treatment practice, helps connect with the inner self, and the source to be able to receive the light, strength and wisdom we need to be able to navigate life with more ease.

The energy of Reiki is intelligent, self-regulating and formless, this energy has capacity to rejuvenate just anything.

Here are the top 3 reasons how Reiki can help you with change:

  • Connection to your spirituality: Reiki brings you closer to your Higher Self, which is an essential part of anyone’s spirituality. The perks of being more in tune with your High Self include being more intuitive, helping you make better decisions and giving an overall feeling of wholeness.
  • Destressing: Happier people live longer. It’s a fact. Lowering the stress in your life is essential to keeping illnesses and ailments at bay from your body. Reiki is an excellent tool to keeping your heart and mind calm, and connected to an inner peace that will be an asset in troubled times.
  • Perspective: Reiki has the potential to turn your whole life around for the better if you self-heal every day and listen to your intuition. Life becomes a whole lot more clear, and you begin to understand what’s actually important in your life, and what is excess and unnecessary.

When change comes about, Reiki can help calm your mind and body, de-stress, bring about peace and give more perspective to live.

“All that we experience today is a result of the choices we made, making a different choice can bring a different result”


At Essentia Wellbeing in Dubai, we offer Reiki healing sessions and classes as part of the services and help individuals deal with change. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H.P. Lovecraft

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