Allergy Healing

Thriving With Allergies

More and more people are being diagnosed with allergies and Intolerances today. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this can’t be a co-incidence. The combination of our lifestyles and our diet is playing havoc with our physical and energy bodies.

As per current research, there is no known cure for Allergies and intolerances available in traditional medicine. As a result of which, as per existing practices, what practitioners will prescribe is the most efficient way to manage the symptoms. So in the short term you don’t feel so poorly. But we all know that in life there are no shortcuts. So does that mean that if you have been diagnosed with allergies you now have to just live with them and suffer for the rest of your life?

It need not be so. There are many many many ways to not only survive but “THRIVE’ with Allergies. We have a very simple three-pronged approach to living your very best life!

When you’re first diagnosed, in a way it’s a big relief to understand why you have been feeling so unwell, but also it seems like such a daunting task. As most professionals will tell you, there are two fundamental ways to manage symptoms

  • Medication to suppress your body’s reaction to the offending substance – While this definitely helps in the short term, what your tolerance to the medicine is and what the long-term effects are is best understood from a medical professional.
  • Discomfort Management – There are alternate modalities that have proven to be instrumental in managing pain and discomfort by using the Mind-Body Connection. Some examples are as below:
  • EFT – Manage and release pain and fear by the power of Tapping. This is very simple modality that can be done to reduce the impact of the intensity of the attack by modulation of the body’s energy meridians
  • Regulator Therapy – Self-regulate your pain and discomfort. Allow our trained therapists to teach you how to.
  • Breathing Therapy – Allow the power of your breath and the simple act of breathing to energize your body and help it cope better. While this is a skill we all possess from Birth, our therapists can help you harness the power of this breath to be a means of empowerment.
  • Elimination of the irritant from your lifestyle and diet. To achieve this, below are how we can help you


It’s easier said than done to one day say -‘That’s it, from today I will NEVER AGAIN HAVE this food that’s been part of my daily diet since I was a little baby’. There are so many questions, so many reasons why you shouldn’t – ‘Wait! What will I eat instead?’ ‘But it’s my favorite!’ ‘love it! It makes reminds me to think of my mom or grandmom!’ We can help you manage this:

  • Food consultation and guidance:
    • Effective replacements that actually work! 
    • What all you need to avoid 
  • Nutrition Advice – when you take something out, something needs to be added back in 
    • Balancing Macros and Micros
    • Ensuring you are replacing the nutrient deficit of the irritant itself.
    • What nutrients is this irritant a carrier for of and that needs to now be balanced? 
  • Beating the craving – the challenge is not to quit. The challenge begins when you want to stay the path. How we can help you stay stronger than you’ve ever been using Hypno-therapy and other tools
    • Addiction Removal – Giving up the addiction to certain foods with the power of your subconscious mind
    • Re-imagine your relationship with food
    • Beating the Victim Mentality
    • Feeling empowered with your life choices

Once you’ve cleaned up your system and you get used to feeling better, the bloat has reduced the pain is better, the rashes have calmed down, it’s very easy to slip into the fear trap. We begin to feel stressed about ‘what if by mistake I get glutened’ or ‘what if there is peanut powder on the seat’. While these are very valid concerns, and must be avoided, the anxiety can become as debilitating as the allergy itself. Allow us to help you:

  • Meditation – learn the power of Meditation to help you manage your anxiety. Meditation need not be a 45 min practice. Learn the art of ‘Minute Meditation’. A quick effective practice that will help you regain control of your life in a minute
  • EFT – The power of the meridians can not only be used to alleviate physical discomfort, it’s also a fantastic tool to manage your mental discomfort. Tap away your stress and anxiety. Embrace calm and empowerment
  • Breathing Therapy – No one needs to be taught how to breathe, but breathing right can be the biggest favor you can do for your body. Allow us to teach you how to do so!

Thought processes, mindsets and fears are not in-born, but acquired as a cumulation of our life experiences. Negative experiences impact us adversely and create fears, phobias, and Anxietyanxiety. Pain Avoidance is after all an innate human instinct. Are your past experiences with your allergies holding you back from living your best life? Overcome your limiting beliefs and allow your past to be released so that you can move forward and embrace life as it can be!

  • Sleep as Therapy – Understand the importance of sleep. Sleep and Allergies have a strong inverse relationship, but anxiety can throw a big wrench in the equation. Learn some simple tricks to help you sleep better.
  • Stress Reducing Diet – Regulate your hormones with a balanced diet to better manage your anxiety naturally
  • Self-Advocacy – we all have an innate need to conform. As a result, a lot of us feel embarrassed to ask for ourselves. Learn how to talk to other about your needs and teach your friends and family what you go through as somebody with allergies.

While Allergies are incurable to an extent, there is the potential to reduce the intensity over time. There are a few proven techniques that can actually help with the severity of the reaction. Some people have also seen a full recovery from intolerances. Below are some of the Therapies that have proven to be the most useful in a curative sense:

  • Heal your gut – It is being increasingly proven that a healthy, well balanced gut is invaluable in the management and treatment of Allergies. Learn how to balance your gut naturally with a strong diet 
  • Organ Regeneration Therapy – A very strong modality using Hypnotherapy. Organ Regeneration can help explore what is the genesis of the allergy and find a way to reduce the intensity of the reaction if not cure it entirely. 

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