Smoking Cessation Program in UAE

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is one of the easiest means available at our disposal to combat stress. Stress today has led to the creation of many unhealthy habits like Emotional Eating and Smoking. Although smoking has no benefit to the body but the mind uses it to fill voids.

Increasingly more people find themselves smoking and helplessly giving in to the temptation. Taking breaks during important meetings, being physically uncomfortable around family and colleagues, breathing heavily and having difficulties with health are some of the issues that smoking creates.

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Smoking Cessation Program UAE

This Smoking Cessation program includes:

This is a standard guideline. However, the package may be modified based on the agreements between the client and facilitator in the initial consultation


I have no words to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Or as you always mentioned, I have done for myself. People around look at me and wonder if I am still the same Ricardo or I have had a soul replacement. I feel like a new born child.I can breathe more fully with all that power in my lungs. I smell life with so many fragrances in each moment. My house, my car, my clothes and my life smells so real. Each day I am discovering so much more because now I have quit smoking.

Ricardo – Smoking Cessation

Motor Sales, UAE

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