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Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy

Do you find yourself struggling with unhealthy behavioural and emotional patterns in life?

Are you self-sabotaging your success in unfathomable ways? Is your childhood trauma keeping you away from living a fulfilled life?

If so, then Inner Therapy might be the solution you are looking for. Inner Child therapy is a powerful healing tool that can uncage you from psychological trauma, dysfunctional patterns and family dynamics and even self-harming behaviours. The inner child is a metaphorical viewpoint that helps you to reach that part of the psyche which is child-like, ‘the little you’ but has been wounded in growing up years.

Human beings are multi-dimensional. Unless we unearth and integrate all our unique parts, healing remains incomplete. Through deep self-awareness assisted by various processes, you can embrace the wounded and suppressed parts of yourself. This empowers you to live an authentic, happy and successful life.

Inner child therapy is an extremely empowering tool that helps you to:

  • Resolve deep-seated childhood trauma
  • Reframe un-serving mental conclusions
  • Bring forth an understanding of various ego states, patterns and life events
  • Break free from inner myths that impact your emotional, physical and mental well-being
  • Build a stronger connection with your authentic self
  • Improve relationships with your loved ones

These are some of the many benefits that Inner Child therapy provides. If you feel a calling towards exploring the root cause of the emotional pain holding you back from living the most authentic and successful life, then this workshop by Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, is your answer.

This workshop will introduce you to inner child work and its delicate nuances. It will help you understand how the inner child work relates to the current emotional state while navigating through childhood trauma. This level will also address the shadow self and various subconscious coping mechanisms that the mind adopts which often create imbalance and disharmony.
This workshop will equip you to strengthen your emotional awareness to identify and heal patterns of emotional reactivity impacting your current life in unfathomable ways.

In this workshop, you will learn:
Introduction to:
• Inner child
• Wounded child
• Integrated child

How is the Inner child formed?
• Exercises: Inner Child Journaling Tool

Inner child and the Shadow
• The birth of shadow self
• The influence of shadow self

10 masks of human personality
• The Charmers
• The People pleaser
• The Bully
• The Seductress
• The Victim
• The Overachiever
• The Abuser
• The Eternal Optimist
• The Depressive
• The Saviour

Safe space
• Process to create harmony centre

The Basic Inner Child Process
• 5 stages of the therapeutic process
• Communications skills for interview techniques
• Do’s and Don’ts for the therapists

Duration:  3 Days from 10am-5:00pm

This workshop is an advanced-level inner child workshop, which will take you deeper into unearthing traumatic life stories, and also understanding the dysfunctional family dynamics and its impact on the choices you make. The processes designed in this workshop will enable you to understand various survival viewpoints, reparenting the inner child to integrate the healing into their daily life with an ongoing plan for self-care.

This level will equip you to dive deeper into the inner Child work empowering you to take charge of your life and also allowing you to step forward as a therapist and assist others in their healing journey.

In this workshop, you will learn:
Review of Inner Child Work (level 1)
Life story
• Understanding the life story
• Life story meditation
• Questionnaire for Uncovering beliefs

Inner Child Training, Trauma & Brain systems
•Gating mechanisms
•Parent projections

Methods for Processing Projections
• Movie screen
• Sensory projection
• Hallway image
• Mentally working with tapes (Byron Katie method)
• Group process

Client’s dysfunctional family dynamics
• The Drama Triangle
• Group process

Child developmental stages Survival Viewpoints and Boundaries
• How to work with problems based on survival viewpoints
• Boundaries
• Establishing boundaries in the Inner Child process
Working with sub-personalities
• Origin of sub-personalities
• Working with sub-personalities
• The process
• Methods of Non-dominant Hand Possibilities

Ego State processes
• The Critical Self
• Meditation for dealing with the critical self
• The emotion of guilt
• Meditation for dealing with the emotion of guilt
• The Emotion of grief
• Meditation for dealing with the emotion of grief
• Forgiveness
• Forgiving our caregivers
• Forgiving self

Finding & embracing your unique speciality
• The process

Duration:  3 Days from 10am-5:00pm

The third level of Inner Child Workshop Training is the level of consciousness. In this level, the student is initiated to conduct various types of workshops and therapy sessions. Consider it as a master’s program for those interested in sharpening their skills.

The program information TBA

To experience a private Inner Child Healing session or learn more about the training course; click here to meet our expert.


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