Anger Management in Dubai

Anger Management Therapy in Dubai

Anger usually is looked at as an unhealthy emotion, however, when dealt with appropriately it can bring about a level of potential growth for the individual. Anger management is for the self and not the person who you are angry with. It helps from being misunderstood and getting unwanted reactions/ responses.

Anger being a normal emotion most people have experienced it time and again. However, when it takes over, one finds it hard to use learnt techniques and tips to control it in the spur of the moment.

Therapy helps to deal with anger from the core of its causes and hence makes it much easier to maintain a calm state of mind during most situations. It can then instead of creating discomfort make healthy contribultion to the happiness and wellbeing of the person, and also their loved ones.

This program includes:

This is a standard guideline. However, the package may be modified based on the agreements between the client and facilitator in the initial consultation.


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