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Essentia : Life Reflects You

Essentia wellbeing center is a holistic wellness space, located in the heart of Dubai. At Essentia we work with an integrated approach to facilitate discovery of your inner ability to be the best version of yourself. In every moment, we are complete and there always is a way forward; towards a better life.

Our Philosophy

What you are feeling is in the process of becoming! We are creators of our own reality. At every point in life YOU have the opportunity to create a different reality. The world around you is a mirror reflection of what is in within you. At Essentia we work towards creating opportunities and choices through empowerment and education. Opportunities that allow you to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

To create a space for you to just be yourself in a safe, non-judgemental environment. To facilitate greater self-discovery, happiness and a more fulfilled life. Providing essential tools to be all that you can be by tapping into your own inner essence and compassion.

Our Vision

As we continue to gift ourselves limitless possibilities and reach our most empowering potential; together, we move to wellbeing and oneness. Towards a Journey to Reconnect with the light within.

Managing Director

Zankhana Mistry Cht.

Holistic Therapist and Trainer

Zankhana Mistry comes from a strong educational and corporate background into wellbeing arena as a Therapist & Wellbeing advocate. Her corporate background empowers her to engage with businesses to advocate mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of employees for healthier Business. Zankhana facilitates Certified Trainings in Psycho Geometry by Susan Dellinger, Transpersonal Regression Therapy by TASSO Institute of Holland & Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy by EKAA Foundation and is also a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).  She is also a trained System Constellation Facilitator- Family & Business/Organizations, Metaphor Therapy and a Reiki Grandmaster and conducts various Trainings, Workshops and Free Talks to bring awareness at various levels within the Society.

Her journey into wellness started with self-transformation through many of the modalities she now advocates, fully aware of the possibilities & power of self-healing/ self-empowering to improve the quality of life. Essentia Wellbeing Center is thus managed with the mindset to pass these amazing transformative options to improve life of the society, every home and every individual as she believes we all deserve to live a fulfilling life at the highest and best potential.

Having lived in Dubai for over 25 years, she calls Dubai her home and is motivated to empower her Dubai family as well as the region through Essentia Wellbeing Center & its highly qualified and able team of Facilitators.  

Join Zankhana in her journey for a balanced & fuller life for yourself and your loved ones!

Our Space

Our passion for creating a safe and loving environment makes our space a haven for those looking to disconnect from the nuances of daily living. This includes meditations, workshops, seminars and private sessions.We also offer our space for support groups and practices for student interns at basic or no fee.

We have designed a mini-Universe in our rooms which are available on rental basis as well.

Kindly contact us to get more information or fill your details here and we will get back to you.

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Smoking Cessation

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Free Talks

Join our Free Talks Live Streaming events designed with you in mind.

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I needed a training that was both suited to the corporate environment where I operate (i.e. not esoteric) and still human and soulful; and that’s just what Martijn’s training has been for me. Just the right amount of explanation and guidance, plenty of opportunity to practice and also from time to time memorable experiences that demonstrate his unique facilitation skills and the power of constellations. Very inspiring!

Pierre Goirand

Facilitator of Transformations (France)

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