Business Constellations

Business constellations and organizational constellations are both synonyms for a powerful, relatively new method to analyze complex problems, find sustainable solutions and free the energy to take the necessary steps. They give you in-depth insight and help you establish the source of a problem quickly. Business constellations are used for analysis purposes or to gain insight into a decision you need to make as a leader. Business constellations can also bring new resolutions to the company and release energy and resources in the organization.

Business constellations are a systemic way of looking at businesses that helps us to create organizations that work naturally and are balanced. Constellations are grounded in a holistic and interdependent view of the world. Constellations look at the whole system and its parts that contain conscious information, affecting everyone. Thus, we can see trauma, the victims, the perpetrator and the individual that has carried the burden of suffering. Such a systemic approach to businesses could help us render any team or organization successful and offer a doorway that allows us to co-create the next generation of organizations (referred to as “teal” in Reinventing Organizations by Fréderic Laloux) based on wholeness, evolutionary purpose and self-management.

Business constellations are a variation of family constellations used in therapy to transform personal issues and create balance in intimate relationships.

Constellations are a great intuitive management method to use with complex or repetitive problems. Areas in which business constellations are the ideal solution include:


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