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Business Constellation Facilitator Training

Facilitating Business Constellations by Martijn Meima - for the first time in Dubai!

Are you a coach, manager, trainer or consultant who wants to:

  • Use the leverage of the undercurrent?
  • Create more impact?
  • Find solutions that last?
  • Set the next step in your personal and professional development?
  • Learn the craft of facilitating business constellations?
  • Use your intuition more?


Then this training is for you!

  • In 5 days you will dive into the world of business constellations and systemic work. You will learn hands-on how to use this modality in your business and create deep learning for people, teams, and organizations.

Special Techniques by Martijn Meima

Martijn Meima is an expert in Business Constellations based in The Netheralnds. Martijn is a successful setup through which he offers in person as well as online constellations for indicduals, groups as well as Businesses. Martijn has trained in various countries witin Europe and has students all over the world through his online workshops. Martijn has been conducting online constellations since past decade. Through his experiences, Martijn has developed various techniques and has fine tuned them to present an effect constellation through online platform. Martijn has collaborated with Essentia Wellbeing Center to teach these techniques.

Are you a (business) coach, consultant or (HR) manager who

  • wants to learn how to use business constellations
  • wants to learn a methodology that reveals the root cause of complex problems
  • is ready for the next step in his or her professional development
  • wants to learn practical forms of constellations he or she can use right away?


Then this 5-day training is made for you.

Areas in which business constellations are the ideal solution include:

  • Management decisions about transformations in the organization e.g. mergers, reorganizations
  • Marketing (intuitive marketing) e.g. what marketing channels to use, which products to develop, identifying why sales are dropping
  • Leadership
  • Strategy development
  • Diagnosing the root cause of complex or repetitive problems
  • When you sense there is something wrong, but can’t put your finger on it
  • When there is a conflict and the source is unclear or doesn’t appear to make sense
  • Goal setting
  • Team building and resolving problems in teams
  • High employee turnover
  • Creating a successful business
  • Recruitment

The training focuses on:

  • The general theory about systems and systemic thinking
  • General lessons and insights about people and organizations from a systemic point of view
  • The basic principles of business constellations
  • Developing a radar for the organizing forces of systems
  • The basic inner stance of a facilitator
  • Exploring your intuition
  • Learning how to set up a constellation
  • Practising basic constellation formats
  • Working in groups and 1-on-1 with floor markers or tabletop constellations
  • Looking at your own system and creating more freedom
  • Using your intuition in facilitating constellations
  • Practising facilitating constellations
  • Different uses of constellations and when they are appropriate

During one of the days, we will invite a manager who will bring in a real case. This way you get to experience how it is to work with a manager from a larger company.

The training is followed by an online group follow-up meeting by Martijn after 6 weeks. During this webinar, you can ask any questions that arise during your initial experiences with facilitating constellations. Martijn will also explain more about the do’s and don’ts of facilitating constellations.


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