“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales, if you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” – Albert Einstien.

I still vividly remember being tucked under my blanket, the rain pelting away at my windows, with my mother beside me practically every school night generously reading to my stories with Angles, fairy godmothers, the prince and the princesses playing important protagonists. The evil witch never won. I liked that about fairy tales. Where the good always triumphed. Where there were love and light, sparkles and carriages. I listened, a wide-eyed child unknowingly conditioning my beliefs to the magic and miracles of fairy tales. As life grew with me, logic took over and so did the perils of growing up. Lessons were learned, fairy tales were doubted when the prince never showed, journeys made and people met, hearts were broken and until one day, the Angels said, it was time to get to work.

And this time it was no fiction.

Hello, my name is Zakia Kazi and I am an accredited Angel Teacher by the Diana Cooper Foundation with a purpose to spread the light of Angels far and wide. Here is my story.

As any other ambitious career-oriented woman pushing the boundaries of societal norms and beliefs, with the strength of a family that blessed me with unconditional love, freedom, here I am at 33 years of age, climbing the corporate ladder. Working with various companies in India and in the UAE. I love my job, my passion increases every time I know that I am lending my skills to help a Company grow. But something was amiss. There was unrest that needed calm and there out of the blue I get a call from a friend who tells me about Reiki. So there I go in hope to calm the storm within me. After I completed my reiki course in Dubai, I somehow intuitively knew that this was just the beginning of my journey on the spiritual realm. Don’t stop said a voice inside me. Next was a study on Angels and as I am sitting in the room, every cell in my physical body knew that this was going to be my contribution to the world. My thirst for knowledge led me to a Master Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation. Just a month later I was on my way to a sleepy town tucked away in the hills of Cyprus learning, invoking and meditating with Angels. All through my days working with Angels, I had dreams, Angelic signs, and miracles in everyday life that have rooted my faith in my journey.

Here I am today, an Angel Teacher spreading the light through Angel Meditations and educating humankind on the power of Angels. These beautiful spiritual beings of light that are with us every time we need them.

Today I know we are all warriors, our very our own prince and princess, the protagonist of our own story leading our way to our happy endings!

With love and light, I hope to welcome you into the Realm of Angels!


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