Angel Healing

What is Angel Healing?

We are all already whole and complete but the Angelic realm is always ready to help us when called upon.

Healing with the help of Angels and their divine physicians is one of the most soothing, calming, nurturing and relaxing experiences. In an Angel healing session, the energy of the angels works through the therapist to transmit the perfect healing energy required for the person receiving it. The purity of angelic healing is quite rightly defined as a spiritual experience.

Our bodies are amazing complex energy systems and the cells within us work by transmitting light between between each other. Sometimes, low lying and negative energies reduce and dim this light thus manifesting within us diseases, discord and low mental health. Healing with the angels floods these cells with pure angelic light which reinstates peace,harmony and love within us. Angelic healing helps at a cellular, physical and soul level.

Angels are pure messengers of the divine and of pure light. Their healing energies allow the healing light of the angels to offer a sense of calm within oneself. Blocked energy points or chakras in our body are soothed and flooded with light raising its vibration and allowing positive energies to flow through, thus helping us recover. It is important to open your heart and be in acceptance of the light of the angels.

Benefits of Angel Healing

Psycho-Geometrics Workshop


I’ve attended three of Zakia’s Angelic Healing meditation classes and each time I’ve walked away with a deeper sense of calm, inner happiness and positivity. Keeping my mind in the present has always been a struggle for me but during my meditations with Zakia whenever my mind wandered, with her soothing voice she was able to bring it back to the here and now thus enabling me to continue my journey into a deep meditative state. On all three occasions, I was brought to the presence of my Guardian Angel & the Archangels.

Every session was concluded with a one to one Angel Card reading. Having reached a certain crossroads in life these readings (messages) have helped me to make decisions about which path I should take and it always provided me with inner peace and comfort. Zakia has a passion for Angels and she infuses that same passion in you by very graciously passing on her knowledge to her students.

Looking forward to attending more Angel healing & meditation classes with Zakia.

K.P – Angel Meditation


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