Pranic Healing in Dubai

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient method of balancing the physical body, the personality, one’s life, the loved ones and the Environment.

Pranic Energy Healing provides a Practitioner with the ability to understand more about the Emotional & Mental aspects of their Clients – about how they feel and how they think. This is closely related to the state of their Health and Vitality.

Stress, Irritation, the Inability to see clearly in difficult situations, and the way a person’s emotions are acted out in their daily life are examined from the Energy side.

Practitioners learn to recognize Negative Unwanted Energies, Thought Forms, Energy Entities or Elementals that cloud their Client’s perception. In an ordinary person – these perceptions may be passed off as insignificant or disregarded entirely – as unimportant.

Through this new interpretation – Practitioners may more deeply understand their Client’s actions. The Practitioner may rapidly develop tools to evaluate various indicators affecting the condition of their Client’s Emotions and Mind. When Clients are dominated by these Negative Energies, frequently they Lack Vitality, may exhibit ill health, feel “unwell” or “uneasy”.

Benefits of Pranic Healing

What can you learn in this session?


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