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Essential Fundamentals of
Chinese Energetics

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This two-day program is designed to teach millenary knowledge and unique manual techniques combining theories of Chinese Energetics, Osteopathy & Naturopathy.

Our Guest, Régis Blin is an international expert in Chinese Energetics with 48 years of experience in training professionals worldwide, in China, USA, Russia, Europe and soon in the Middle-East.

Régis Blin is an experienced practitioner and instructor of Chinese medicine and osteopathy. He is co-founder and co-director of SFERE – French Society for Study and Research in Energetic Medicine. Blin has been in clinical practice for over four decades and instructed thousands of students worldwide, accumulating invaluable evidence of the remarkable efficacy of this system of practice.

The Four Therapeutic Levels of Chinese Energetics


Liberation of the 12 meridians, bones & marrows, organs, fascias, muscles


Harmonizing the body with seasonal elements.


Releasing past emotional charges and traumas


Reconnecting with consciousness, intellect, willpower, intuition

He will introduce key concepts & techniques using the 12 meridians & acupuncture points :

  • 3-stages energy system: Discover the complete cycle of production, distribution and utilization of energies.
  • Stagnation: Root cause of physical pains, emotional agitations, and mental overactivity.
  • Circulation: Focus on the importance of vital energies circulation – Qi and Blood.
  • 6 phases of illness: Understand the sudden or gradual installation of pathologies.
  • Feel the energy: the pulse, the flow, the open/closed position of an acupuncture point.
  • Physiology: Discover the role of each organs and the main points to stimulate.
  • Restoration: Learn hand-techniques that stimulate the body’s own intelligence to release the stagnations.

Benefits of Chinese Energetics

Health & Burnout Prevention

Chinese Energetics has valuable techniques in health & burnout prevention, as it allows for early detection of energy imbalances, the restoration of vital energy circulation, strengthening the immune system, and the release of stress and emotions.

What is the main difference between acupressure, acupuncture, magnetism, reiki & Chinese Energetics.

  • Acupressure or reflexology is a technique where physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points or trigger zones by the practitioner.
  • In acupuncture, needles are used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body to promote energetic balance.
  • In magnetism, the practitioner uses its own energy to restore harmony and balance in the person’s energy field.
  • Reiki is a technique in which the practitioner acts as a channel to transfer universal energy through their palms to the patient, promoting energetic balance.
  • Chinese Energetics are soft-touch bodywork-techniques that stimulate the body’s own intelligence to self-release physical tensions, emotional burdens, and mental overload.
  • The role of the practitioner is to amplify this natural intelligence within the 12 meridians.

This two-day workshop will build the foundations for a 3-module intensive course in Chinese Energetics that will start in March 2024, in Dubai. This course will be conducted by Martial Nesselbusch, an experienced practitioner of Chinese Energetics in Dubai and a student of Régis Blin.

Building upon the teachings of his Master, he will explore these key concepts in depth, both theoretically and practically, taking you step-by-step to this practice.

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