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Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy


EKAA is the first ISO Certified Institute which offers the most comprehensive course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. EKAA certification is KHDA approved and allows to attain the position of an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist and the opportunity to practice professionally is nearly 23 countries across the world.

EKAA is affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association (IMDHA), TASSO University Holland and various certifying institutes in the US and UK.

This course is designed for all those looking for that shift in their own lives and empowering others with tools and life-transforming experiences.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Course

What differentiates EKAA from many other institutes is; its holistic approach across the mind, body and soul. Therapists are trained to deal with issues from the standpoint of psychology, body, emotions, and spirit.

No background in any form of healing or therapy-based work is required.

The course is based on hands-on practice and experience, under the supervision of a well-trained facilitator.

Post-course support is available throughout the course and even after to ensure you can be effectively established in your practice.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful forms of therapy to create life-transforming changes. Hypnotherapy is now on the priority for both physical as well as psychological health and increasingly more and more companies and corporate offices are hiring personnel qualified with such profound mind-based skills.

EKAA Foundation Course empowers you to understand the mind and its workings. Learning the simple yet effective tool of Self Hypnosis begins the positive changes. It is the first step to becoming a Professional Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Contents offered:

  • Understanding Fight Flight Response (Survival Instincts)
  • Understand How MIND operates (Theory of the MIND)
  • What is Hypnosis? How does it help in many ways?
  • Dream Interpretation Basics
  • Origin of stress and ways to deal with it
  • Self-hypnosis (Mind Programming for Desired Goals and Self Suggestions)
  • Get some of your basic questions answered about Hypnosis and how it works?

The content benefits:

  • Used for Goals Setting
  • Profound Understanding Mind & Self.
  • Profound Understanding of Inter Personal Communication
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Improve concentration
  • Help in Relieving Stress
  • Improve the Quality of Sleep
  • Living Stress Free
  • Dealing with Different Anxieties

Aims at teaching the process of Hetero-hypnosis and suggestion placement for therapy. Being able to understand the theory of suggestibility and practice effective communication skills in interactions with others.


  • Introduction and Brief History of Hypnosis
  • History of The Development of the Human Mind
  • The Theory of Mind 
  • How to Induce the Hypnotic State
  • Dream Interpretation
  • The Theory of Suggestibility 
  • The Laws of Suggestibility
  • The FLIP
  • How to Conduct a Hypnotic Session
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Wording of Effective Suggestions 
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis 
  • Awakening Techniques 
  • Self Hypnosis
    21 days – exercise of Self Hypnosis for SELF Development in the area of Goal accomplishment, Self Confidence, Self Esteem Boosting, Improving the quality of sleep and Stress elimination.


Who should attend?

The workshop is ideally suitable for all those who wish to visualize a brighter future ahead of them and are determined to make it big, in every aspect of life, but are stuck or are moving slowly towards their GOALS!!!

  • CEOs and business heads and directors who are seeking a corporate/professional leadership and growth oriented experience to take a leap to the next level of professional success
  • All those who want to achieve PEACE and PERFECTION in LIFE, but are not able to find that perfect spot in which they can excel and fulfil their desires. Anyone wishing to improve in the area of Confidence, Communication, Self Esteem, Relationship, Physical & Mental Health, Stress Reduction, De-addiction, Overcoming Depression, Career & Goal Setting, Emotional Self-Empowerment and many more…
  • Students who want to increase their concentration and improve their recall ability for studies, want to learn to deal with exam stress and anxiety.
  • Parents who are concerned about their children not studying and are facing difficulty in dealing with their high energy levels, and are facing parenting issues etc…
  • Psychology Students, HR Professionals, Counsellors, Teachers, Doctors, House Wives, Social Workers, Individuals who are associated with some NGO or welfare organizations, Corporate Trainers, Corporate Wellness Consultants, and all those who want to make a difference in many lives around them by helping them to spot the special SELF within them.
  • Individuals who are practicing some or the other form of healing modality viz. access bars, tarot, angel healing, theta healing, yoga, psychotherapy etc… and are inclined to study deep sciences related to life enhancement by understanding, how the universe is operating? How the world around us is connected with the way we think? 

    Basically it’s for all those individuals, who wish to take charge of their LIFE and want to make a difference in their own and others LIFE around them!

Covers Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy, Fear and Phobia Management, Pain Management, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Dream Interpretation & Therapy, etc.


  • Hypnotic Modalities
  • Basics of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/ Emotional Management Technique
  • Dream Therapy and Interpretation
  • Stages of Development
  • Hypno Diagnostic Tools – Paris Window, Corrective Therapy
  • Hypnodrama
  • Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy
  • Fear & Phobia Management
  • Pain Management
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Includes Sexuality and Relationship Counselling, Child Hypnosis, Eating Disorders-Weight Management, Habit management, Crisis management, Understanding Past Life Regression, etc.


  • Paradigms of Human Behavioral Response – Physical & Emotional Sexuality
  • Relationship Counseling & Negotiation
  • Use of Family Systems Approach
  • Child Hypnosis
  • Concept of Inner Child
  • Energetic Cord Management
  • Use of Counseling and Interviewing Techniques
  • Eating Disorders – Anorexia & Bulimia
  • Habit Management
  • Weight Management
  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Understanding basics of Handwriting Analysis
  • Use of Mental Bank
  • Understanding Basics of Past Life Regression

Understanding of Past Life Therapy, Re-scripting of Lives, Addressing Present Life Traumas through regression therapy, Understanding patterns, Life between lives, Life Script, etc.


  • Basic concepts in Regression Therapy – history & current relevance of therapy beyond time & space
  • Past Life Regression
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Major safeguards for Past Life Therapy
  • Reframing critical past life memories
  • Patterns from the Past
  • Addressing Present Life triggers
  • Utilizing the benefit of the Death experience
  • Higher Self Therapy
  • Understanding and using the concept of Parallel Realities for healing
  • Life between lives
  • Life Script and Therapy

Includes Concept and techniques of Healing, Metaphysical aspects of disease, Foreign Energy Dynamics, Rhythmic Relaxation Techniques, Crystal Healing, Allergy Management, Smoking cessation, etc.


  • Concept of healing and importance of an integrated healing approach
  • Origin and Reversibility of Disease
  • Basic preparations for being a therapist – effects of different breathing patterns of the human system; meridian & chakra opening exercise; understanding personal energy matrix through chakras & meridians; meditations for harmonizing personal energy matrix; techniques to energetically prepare self and environment for conducting a session
  • Scanning & healing human energy grids through tactile approach & use of crystals
  • Mind Dynamics
  • Talking to the Sub-conscious Mind
  • Understanding authentic versus polluted energy
  • Dealing with energy pollution & remedial processes at physical & energy matrix level
  • Identification & Resolution of Vows, Oaths & Curses (if any)
  • Journey of Consciousness and Metaphysics of disease
  • Regeneration of organs
  • Allergy Management
  • De-addiction – Smoking /Alcohol
  • Somatic Entry points – for Therapeutic Resolution
  • Rhythmic Relaxation Technique
  • Exploration & Resolution of Core Beliefs – affecting Therapeutic Approach & competency
  • Format of Case Reporting

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