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Conducting one to one Online Constellation

Online one to one Constellations Workshop

Learn Techniques to conduct online Family Constellation work.

Family and business constellations are a powerful way of releasing entanglements and creating movement in people, teams and organizations. The amazing thing is that you can take this powerful method online with just a few adjustments. This way you can reach more people and will be able to work with individuals or groups without having them in the same room. This training will teach you how to take the powerful method of constellations online with individual clients.

Special Techniques by Martijn Meima

Martijn Meima is an expert in Business Constellations based in The Netheralnds. Martijn is a successful setup through which he offers in person as well as online constellations for indicduals, groups as well as Businesses. Martijn has trained in various countries witin Europe and has students all over the world through his online workshops. Martijn has been conducting online constellations since past decade. Through his experiences, Martijn has developed various techniques and has fine tuned them to present an effect constellation through online platform. Martijn has collaborated with Essentia Wellbeing Center to teach these techniques.

This training is suited for any faciliator of constellations that has some experience and wants to learn how to use constellations online for one-on-one sessions.

  • Learnt he differece between online from in person constellations.
  • Learn techniques of conducting online constellations with your client under one to one set up.
  • Setting up online constellations & preparations.
  • Preparing and setting up client for online work.
  • Demo constellation. 
  • Finetune your techniques through practice in breakout rooms
  • Harvesting the lessons learnt.


Participants will have support post the course with a followup online meetings.


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