Master This Magical Management Craft in the Training Facilitating Business Constellations with Martijn Meima

From 16th to 20th December

Learn How To Use This Powerful Modality

Are you a (business) coach, consultant or (HR) manager who:

Then this in-person training is made for you.

During this 5-day Training Facilitating Business Constellations, you will learn the basics of facilitating simple constellations in a business context. Besides the basic rules and forces of a business system, you will learn the basic stance of a facilitator and possible systemic interventions. Moreover, you will also learn to improve and trust your intuition.

Martijn Meima
A business coach & trainer in Dubai with a mission

It is my personal mission to make the world a better place. I believe that we can do business from the heart, where the main goal is not to make as much money as possible, but where the main goal is to add something valuable to the world. Money will flow as a result of that. Do you want to join me? In the 1990’s I finished my business education at the University of Groningen. I have worked at IBM for three years as a programmer and as an internal consultant. Later I became a business consultant with Syntens, a Dutch firm that specialized in supporting innovation in SME’s. In 2007 I started coaching and training entrepreneurs and managers to become more successful by using their intuition. Success for me is more than a lot of money or a big company. It is also about being happy, doing the things you love and contribute to society.

Develop your intuition and facilitating skills

Why Should You Use Business Constellations?

Business constellations are a powerful way of finding the root cause of complex and repeating problems in individuals, teams, and organizations. It is a 4D mapping technique in which you use the collective intelligence available in every organization. By using representatives for the different stakeholders, influencers, functions, inner parts, or for example different strategy options, you can access information that is normally hidden and not available. By placing these representative in a room, you will be able to see the dynamics and hidden connections that are influencing the issue. Because it is an embodied experience for everyone participating, a business constellation creates a deep understanding and knowledge of what is needed to change. It also frees up potential and energy to take the steps that are needed.

Benefits of the Program

What are we going to do in the training Facilitating Business Constellations?

The Structure Of The Five Days

1. The First Steps

2. Diving In

3. Going Within

4. Getting The Hang Of It

5. Broadening Your Horizon

During the days, you learn in three ways:

Watching Demos

Enjoy these extras that help you to learn the craft even better

Extra bonuses for this training!

During one of the days we will invite a manager who will bring in a real case. This way you get to experience how it is to work with a manager from a larger company.
After the training you have the freedom to contact me by email with your questions and cases.
I will organize a webinar after 6 weeks. During this webinar, you can ask any questions that arise during your initial experiences with facilitating constellations. I will also explain more about the do’s and don’ts of facilitating constellations.

Practice a Lot. Use Your Intuition. Develop Your Own Facilitating Style.

What Are The Results?

After this training, you will have:

Why Should I Join THIS Training?

There are a few aspects in which this training is different from other business constellation trainings:

There Is a Lot Of Practicing

I believe that the best way to master this craft is by doing it. That is why I have chosen to give live Zoom meetings in which you will start practicing from day one!

You Will Learn an Intuitive Approach

Part of the training is exploring your intuition and learning how to use it. This way you will develop your own style and not learn a fixed way of facilitating.

We’ll Work With Real Life Cases

We will work with real life cases, which gives you the opportunity to experience or facilitate a constellation.

Global Attendance Service

My wish is for as many people as possible to be able to learn this wonderful craft. Therefore I have developed a Global Attendance Service, meaning that you should be able to join, no matter the GDP of your country or your personal financial situation. Contact us for more information.

It’s Short And Powerful

Because I trust you to have done some personal development, the training will mainly focus on facilitating constellations and just a little bit on personal development. This will make it intense and you will learn a lot in a short time.

Free workshop

You get the online workshop “Discover the Power of Business Constellations” for free (or the recording).

A Training Tailored To Your Needs

Let me know if you have any other questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Family constellations are focused on personal issues and look into your family system. Business or organizational constellations are focused on business questions and look into work-related systems.

For family constellations, the elements we work with are mostly father, mother and siblings. For business constellations, we work with elements like the company, the potential client, different products or services, department X, function Y, marketing strategy 1, the purpose of the company, the client of the client, the history of the company, etc.

The training is open to everyone. There are no mental skills needed since you will learn by doing and by using your intuition. We assume that you have done some personal development work and that you are familiar with coaching or consulting. The focus of the training will be on learning the art of facilitating and a little bit on personal development.

The focus of the training is on using constellations in a business environment. Depending on the wishes of the participants we will focus more on business constellations, career constellations, marketing constellations, self-awareness constellations or family constellations.

Part of the training is also freeing yourself from old patterns and that is why we will also use family constellations.

From my experience, I can say that there is no longer a strict line between business constellations and family constellations. There are all kinds of intermediate forms of constellations. We will work with what emerges from the group.

The following information gives you more background about me as a trainer:

In 2008, I was trained by a student at the Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. Since then, I have been using business constellations almost on a daily basis and in 2013, I started to train the first group of facilitators.

My style is an intuitive one. I do not work with certain steps and protocols. I rather let the field show the way. This is also the new way Bert Hellinger approached constellations at the end of his life. I am very creative in using constellations. There is not a single format or approach I use all the time. As a trainer, I combine energy, humor and lightness with tranquillity, depth and authenticity. You will be encouraged to discover your own style. There is no one good way.

Participants like the lightness and humor in the training and at the same time the depth and major transformations that they go through. What I hear from them is that I practice what I preach and allow everything to be. This creates a safe environment to learn and experiment.

Yes and no. This is a basic course after which you will have learned the basics of facilitating constellations in a business context. Yes, you will be able to facilitate basic constellations. No, you are not experienced and will need more practice outside the training. Every participant has his or her own learning path during the training, so depending on your starting point, you will grow and learn.
Yes, the method I use is basically Bert Hellinger’s methodology. There are no rules for facilitating constellations. This has led to many different schools and movements within the constellation work. I have been trained by people from the Bert Hellinger approach and various others. I have developed my own style and that is what I encourage you to do too.

Well, you will not be surprised if I tell you to use your intuition. Our rational mind has difficulties weighing all the different factors and deciding what is good for you now. Your intuition will help you.

That’s why I have put an exercise on my website in which you use your intuition to decide. It even uses a constellation work form! You can use it to find out if this is the right training for you at this moment. I strongly recommend you to do this exercise and let me know what it has told you.
You can also ask for a Zoom call with me, so I can answer your questions. Just contact me and we will arrange the call.

Finally, you can join a webinar in which I share more information about business constellations, let you experience a constellation, and tell you more about the training. Have a look at my calendar for the next possibilities.

Yes, you will. Depending on how well you pick it up you will be able to facilitate simple constellations maybe first as a tryout or you will be able to facilitate constellations as a paid facilitator. I have seen students do both.

During the training, you will already practise a lot. After the training, I will encourage you to practice more and after 8 weeks there will be a webinar in which you can ask all the questions you have about facilitation.

No, you don’t. If you feel more comfortable with a supervisor, you can find one, but it is not obligatory.

I really recommend that you listen to your intuition to find your next steps in facilitating constellations. This is different for everyone.

During the training, we can also focus on selling constellations and building the confidence to do it by yourself.

The general training times are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, but depending on the location and the wishes of the participants we can change this.

Are you ready to Learn How to Facilitate Business Constellations?

From 16th to 20th December

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