Business Constellation

Business Constellation

Learn How To Use This Powerful Modality

Business and organizational constellations represent an innovative approach to unraveling complex issues, discovering enduring solutions, and unlocking untapped potential. These methods provide profound insights, swiftly pinpointing the roots of problems. Business constellations serve as a valuable tool for analysis and decision-making in leadership roles, offering fresh perspectives and rejuvenating an organization’s resources. By adopting a systemic viewpoint, these constellations create harmonious, naturally functioning businesses, grounded in holistic and interconnected worldviews. Business constellations draw inspiration from family constellations used in therapy to resolve personal issues and restore balance in intimate relationships.

Master This Magical Management Craft in the Training Facilitating Business Constellations

Are you a (business) coach, consultant or (HR) manager who:

  • wants to learn how to use business constellations
  • wants to learn a methodology that reveals the root cause of complex problems
  • is ready for the next step in his or her professional development
  • wants to learn practical forms of constellations that you can use right away?
  • wants to develop his or her pure intuition?

Then this in-person training is made for you.

During this 5-day Training Facilitating Business Constellations, you will learn the basics of facilitating simple constellations in a business context. Besides the basic rules and forces of a business system, you will learn the basic stance of a facilitator and possible systemic interventions. Moreover, you will also learn to improve and trust your intuition.

Benefits of the Program

Introduces trainers to a systems thinking approach
Learn to identify and address complex business issues
Visual Tools for Trainers/Coaches
Gain a deeper understanding of hidden dynamics in an organization
Enhances a coach’s ability to tap into their intuition
Learn to uncover underlying conflicts within an organization
Aids in developing leadership skills
Improved communication skills to deal with sensitive / challenging topics
Better grasp of emotional aspects of leadership and management
Personal growth with enhanced ability to support clients

Flow of the Program

The training typically begins with foundational knowledge about systemic thinking, organizational dynamics, and the principles of constellations. Trainees learn to perceive organizations as complex systems. They often start by observing experienced facilitators conducting business constellations, gaining insights into the process and dynamics at play.

Trainees will then gradually take on more active roles, from setting up constellations to facilitating discussions and interventions. Regular feedback and supervision from our experienced coach help refine their skills, improve their understanding of systemic dynamics, and handle complex organizational issues.

As trainees gain confidence, they explore advanced topics such as working with resistance, addressing conflict, and applying constellations in specific business contexts. It also covers the ethical considerations involved in this work, emphasizing the importance of respect, confidentiality, and client well-being. Throughout the process, trainees develop a unique skill set that enables them to facilitate impactful interventions, improve organizational health, and guide businesses toward more sustainable and harmonious operations.

Program Facilitators

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Constellation is distinct in that it relies on a systemic and intuitive approach to uncover hidden organizational dynamics, while traditional consulting often emphasizes analytical methods. It offers a holistic perspective that complements more conventional business advisory services.

Yes, business constellation is flexible and applicable to businesses of all sizes. The principles remain consistent, making it equally valuable for small businesses seeking insights and solutions for large corporations addressing complex challenges.

Business Constellation is versatile and can address various issues, including team dynamics, decision-making processes, communication problems, strategic planning, leadership challenges, and more. It is a powerful tool for exploring and resolving complex business concerns.

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of Business Constellation workshops. Participants can openly discuss sensitive issues, knowing that their discussions are private and secure within the workshop environment.

Results vary depending on the specific challenges addressed, but common outcomes include improved decision-making, enhanced team dynamics, sustainable solutions to complex issues, and a more balanced and harmonious organizational environment.


I needed a training that was both suited to the corporate environment where I operate (i.e. not esoteric) and still human and soulful; and that’s just what Martijn’s training has been for me. Just the right amount of explanation and guidance, plenty of opportunity to practice and also from time to time memorable experiences that demonstrate his unique facilitation skills and the power of constellations. Very inspiring!

Pierre Goirand

Facilitator of Transformations (France)

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