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Workshops & Courses

Angel Healing Workshops

"Call upon the Angels as they walk among us! Surrender to their light".

As the consciousness of several million people around the planet is beginning to rise towards the fifth dimension, the Angelic realm, residing in the 7th dimension are much closer to connect with. Angels are messengers of the divine, of source and they only act upon the will of the divine and your highest good. For centuries angels have appeared and been mentioned in various religious scriptures. They are pure beings of light and work with unconditional love for all human kind, animals, insects, the oceans and the planet.

Under the spiritual law they are here to help us when called upon and the first step to connecting with these divine beings of light is to open your heart to complete faith of their existence, keeping aside the ego. The Angel course is a stunning pathway to connect with Angels as you learn all about angels, the realms, your guardian angel and how to read an Angel card deck for every day messages. As you complete the first stage and are familiar with the Angelic realm, the second stage is an in-depth study into the world of Archangels, the powerful choir of angels, the strong leaders leading scores of angels to help us and heal us.

As we cover 10 Archangels, every Archangel has their own attributes, and individual meditations help you connect with the Archangels at a soul level. Meditations with angels help raise your clairvoyance, clairesentience, clairecgonizance and claireaudience, making you aware of the presence of angels. Learn how to work with Archangels in your daily life and allow the miracles to unfold. The last Angel course leads you to channel and heal with angels. Channeling angels for messages and learning how to heal with angels is a life changing experience and can be used in everyday life. Tune into the energy of the Angelic realm. We believe that you reading this itself is a sign of a calling. Trust in your gut feeling, its always your guardian angel speaking to you. Welcome to the world of angels!



Angel Healing Dubai

Introduction to Angels

A Day with Angels


  • Starting with Housekeeping, OM recitation.
  • Grounding, attuning, invoking and protecting the Group
  • Introduction to Angels
  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Who Are Angels
  • How can I connect with Angels
  • What are Guardian Angels
  • What are Archangels, share experiences
  • Visualization to meet your Guardian Angel and know the name
  • Pick an Angel Card for a special message.
  • Angel Activity.
  • Drawing and some more information
  • Angel Symbols
  • Angelic Realms and Visulization
  • Closing Grounding, closing chakras and protecting
  • Certification


The Archangel Realm - The 7th Heaven


  • Starting with Housekeeping, OM recitation.
  • Grounding, attuning, invoking and protecting the Group
  • Theory on Archangels and their qualities
  • Archangel etheric retreats
  • Archangel activity
  • Meditation to activate and integrate the 12 chakras through sound and color and Archangels
  • Activity with Angels
  • Visualization with Archangel Gabriel/ Raphael.
  • Pick a card.
  • Combing down the Aura
  • Closing, grounding and Certificate in Archangels

Advanced Angels

Advanced Angels - Channeling and Healing with Angels


  • Starting with Housekeeping, OM recitation.
  • Grounding, attuning, invoking and protecting the Group
  • Invoking angels into your space for yourselves.
  • Space cleansing. Visualization
  • Exercises to open the Heart Chakra with angels
  • Wishing with Angels
  • Introducing and using the Violet Flame of Transmutation
  • Opening grounding and Protection
  • Exercise to Create an Angel Healing ball of Sound and Color for the each individual in the group
  • Healing with Angels- Theory and practice Giving Healing and Healing yourself
  • Angel Wings and Writing to Angels, Visualization
  • Channeling Angels- Proceeded with a card Reading
  • Closing- With an Angel Song and Certificates


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"I’ve attended three of Zakia’s Angelic Healing meditation classes and each time I’ve walked away with a deeper sense of calm, inner happiness and positivity. Keeping my mind in the present has always been a struggle for me but during my meditations with Zakia whenever my mind wandered, with her soothing voice she was able to bring it back to the here and now thus enabling me to continue my journey into a deep meditative state. On all three occasions, I was brought to the presence of my Guardian Angel & the Archangels.

Every session was concluded with a one to one Angel Card reading. Having reached a certain crossroads in life these readings (messages) have helped me to make decisions about which path I should take and it always provided me with inner peace and comfort. Zakia has a passion for Angels and she infuses that same passion in you by very graciously passing on her knowledge to her students.

Looking forward to attending more Angel healing & meditation classes with Zakia."

K.P - Angel Meditation

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