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Meditation has been practised for centuries and is known to reduce stress, anxiety and help promote inner peace. With the fast paced life and electronically oriented world it is becoming increaingly more difficult to be at ease with oneself and surroundings. Most people find it difficult to meditate due to the constant mind chatter that creates more thoughts and anxiety than peace.

The soul is the vehicle for transformation, the mind is the tool that wields it. Reconnecting with your inner most being, your body, and with nature, is the starting point to discovering truth, passion, your love for life. The practice of daily mediation raises our awareness and develops our intuition. Connecting mind and heart as one is key to knowing oneself and what we value in life. Change is possible when we remain grounded in our beliefs. It gives us strength to move forward in our life.

This program includes:

  • 8 weekly private meditation sessions of 60 mins each.
  • Understanding Meditation and learning how to meditate.
  • Becoming aware of the power of being in the present and geenrating the ability to be positive and happy.
  • Learning to deal with difficult situations through meditation and self-empowerment techniques.
  • Generating the ability to handle daily stress and anxiety with self-practice.
  • Developing the ability to be optimistic and make helpful choices.
  • It aims at bringing clarity to the mind and bringing thoughts to appropriate control.


This is a standard guideline. However, the package may be modified based on the
agreements between the client and facilitator in the initial consultation.


"The first thing I can say about Sherry K. which you can immediately feel the minute you connect with her is serenity. Then, what you see right after is her character unveiling itself slowly and calmly in front of your eyes with a big smile on her face. Once you walk into the room and as your anxiousness and excitement starts building up, her approachable, calm, and confident presence with her soft spoken voice, serene tone and willingness to share, puts you immediately into a peaceful state."

Joanna - Life Coaching
HR Consultant, UAE

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