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Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Most fears occur in childhood. Obviously, the child faces more unknowns and has less experience in reasoning powers. Added to this is a child’s natural higher suggestibility. Most children grow out of their fears as they learn and adults explain things. However, some do carry fears over into adulthood and may find it becoming more intense as they grow.

Some fears originate with an experience, however, some fears cannot be traced to an experience and may come from an unknown factor. Such fears create anxiety, panic, sense of being unsafe or out of control. Common fears include fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of darkness, fear of failure, etc

Fear is an emotion of varying intensity aroused by a recognized and logical threat and involving the fight/flight response.  It arouses a feeling of unpleasant tension and a strong impulse to escape, as well as certain physiological changes.

Phobia on the other hand is an excessive, unrealistic and/ or illogical and uncontrollable fear elicited by an object, situation, or activity. It usually involves strong physiological and emotional responses.

This program includes:

  • Free initial consultation of 30 mins.
  • 1-3 private sessions of 60 mins each, depending on the intensity of the issue.
  • Modalities include Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Self-empowerment techniques for own practice.
  • Relief from anticipated anxiety and physical triggers.
  • Audio recordings and other tools for post therapy support.
  • Follow up session of 30 minutes within 3 months from the last obtained session.


This is a standard guideline. However, the package may be modified based on the
agreements between the client and facilitator in the initial consultation.


"I went to see Sherry for Hypnotherapy to alleviate fear of flying. Before the first session I was nervous about the process but Sherry’s calm demeanor put me instantly at ease. By the second session I was already feeling much more positive about finally getting over a fear that I had not been able to shake with any tools and techniques I’d tried. Sherry gave me a tape of our sessions and equipped me with tools to use before and during my sleep."

Lana Simons - Fear of Flying
HR Consultant, Italy

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