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Support Groups

Back yourself completely. Take steps to support yourself and the healthy choices you make. Enlist those around you who you love and who love you. Ask for their support as you engage in your transformation process. Ensure you surround yourself with people who add to your life, who inspire you, lift you up so you can continue to grow, learn and stay happy, healthy and wise.

Our support groups are an opportunity to meet like-minded people, experience therapies and healing first hand. Generating the ability to develop and experience warmth and wellbeing.

Internship for Students
Free Session for Clients

Internship for Students

We understand that learning is a very important process in the human evolution. All knowledge has some application but how wonderful can it be if all knowledge could be applied fully and efficiently.

Our Internship program is designed for all students who complete their course levels with Essentia Wellbeing Center. This program allows students to obtain hands-on practice on the modality that they have been trained in for up to 10 or more cases.

Free Session for Clients

Healing and Therapy are processes of evolution and resolution. But finances can often hinder these processes. At Essentia we offer one-on-one sessions for clients at a minimal price with our trained therapists.

Support Groups


"I went to see Sherry for Hypnotherapy to alleviate fear of flying. Before the first session I was nervous about the process but Sherry’s calm demeanor put me instantly at ease. By the second session I was already feeling much more positive about finally getting over a fear that I had not been able to shake with any tools and techniques I’d tried. Sherry gave me a tape of our sessions and equipped me with tools to use before and during my sleep."

Lana Simons - Fear of Flying
HR Consultant, Italy

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