Do I hear your mind going crazy with the thought, “how can one be spiritual and wealthy”? This is because our perception of ‘Being Rich’ is nowhere close to going on a mountaintop and meditating. But hey, who’s talking about being a Rich Monk.

Our beliefs about Wealth and Spirituality are so distant that we cannot even fathom getting them under one logical synchronicity. But, you will be surprised to know that the Universal Law of Attraction and Manifestation actually works on the principles of Spirituality synced with Wealth, Health and Relationships. That brings us to the most important question, ‘What is Spirituality’? Spirituality has nothing to do with your regular prayers or visits to the God’s house, that’s because the entire Universe is God’s House. Spirituality, if broken down in the simplest form is to truly accept, embrace and resonate with who you truly are. We have grown up hearing words like Hope, Faith, Trust, Gratitude, but are we taught the true essence of these words and how we can actually make use of them to fulfill our desires.

If you want to experience and learn Spirituality in its purest form then observe a child. A child has no Fear and/or Ego. He/she is open to all experiences and never judges his/her feelings or others around them. A child lives in the absolute Present as he/she neither remembers Yesterday nor plans for Tomorrow. When a child asks for a toy and the parent says that he/she will get it on his/her birthday. The child waits patiently – Hoping, Trusting and having absolute Faith in his/her parent’s promise. But the most important thing to observe here is that the child immediately says a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ even before he/she has got the desired toy and starts imagining how it feels to have what he/she asked for. An imaginary playtime with that desired toy is processing in the child’s mind and the joy of playing with that toy in his/her heart. Children think and feel in synchronicity as they are free of the belief system, at least for a short time until parents, neighbors and society start teaching children their beliefs about life, wealth, health and relationships. This synchronicity of the Mind and Heart is where the child is subconsciously Manifesting.

It is this child like, non-judgmental and positive belief system the key to having Financial Abundance. Let the carefree, fearless child inside you take over and you shall see Your World in all its new glory with limitless possibilities.

Have Hope, Faith & Trust in the Father’s Universe, do not forget to pay your Gratitude and you shall be bestowed with everything you ever desired and beyond.


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