These days, being a young person comes with inherent difficulties. There is stress from physical and hormonal changes, growing up, getting (or wanting) more autonomy and freedom, expectations of parents and teachers, pressure from exams, peers, new relationships, maybe working as well as studying.

If teenagers begin to go through difficulties at school such as understanding topics, feeling shy or anxious about asking for help when their grades are likely to fall, leading to even more stress, anxiety or feelings of just not being ‘good enough’. Unchecked, these continuous feelings of stress and anxiety can escalate into stress-related coping patterns, such as phobias like agoraphobia, eating disorders, and other self-destructive behaviors. Often creating unhealthy coping patterns for the future as well.

Hypnotherapy has a long history of helping young people, especially with confidence, self-esteem or anxiety.

Confidence and self-esteem

Even though teenagers can be extremely resilient, early interventions to stop issues escalating is generally better than waiting until they reach crisis point.

Confidence and self-esteem are not about how outgoing or popular your teen is, it’s more a case of how they think about themselves, whether they recognize and value their own abilities and strengths.

Hypnotherapy helps to relax the mind and opens up the mind to think positively. At Essentia Wellbeing Center in Dubai, we help teenagers and young adults deal with self-esteem and lack of confidence by suggesting the right techniques of hypnotherapy.


Anxiety is a normal part of the adolescent and teen years as these are some of the most stressful times in a person’s life. High levels of anxiety seem to be quite common with teens. It is a general sensation of being overwhelmed, or it may be a reaction to specific events such as changing routines.

Hypnosis can be used to help remain calmer, and to develop better-coping strategies to deal more effectively with the situations that a young adult may face.

Our approach

Our approach is to begin by finding out exactly what is going on for a young person and really listening. We know that by understanding specifically what the issues are and how the young person thinks, feels and behaves in response to them we can assist them to make changes. We call this the solution-focused approach.

This means that in therapy, we focus on the here and now and what the teen wants to experience in the future. A solution-focused approach is entirely safe as there is no obligatory ‘going back to the past’ or time spent uncovering past memories.

Young adults can learn amazingly fast, and just a few hours of hypnotherapy can teach them how to get back control of their life and really feel self-assured.


Working with teenagers and young adults comes with the promise of confidentiality to the highest level. As experienced hypnotherapy practitioners, we aim to make sure that we help young adults by solving problems – and using a practice such as hypnotherapy has proven to show lasting results.

Hypnotherapy for teenagers at Essentia Wellbeing Center is all about helping them understand how they themselves have the ability to make changes to their thoughts and feelings while simultaneously obtaining tools for future circumstances

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