Priya Jethwani

Access Bars Therapist & Face lift Practitioner

Priya Jethwani is a dedicated life coach. Her mission is to guide clients towards the fulfillment of both personal and professional aspirations by applying a holistic approach. Committed to perpetual growth, she explore diverse modalities to unlock the true potential within each individual.

Her role revolves around enhancing the quality of life for her clients, cultivating tailored game plans informed by their unique experiences and challenges, empowering them to navigate life complexities.

Being in healing and practicing various techniques, Access Bars is her go-to. Having learned from the best. it’s her favorite technique! It has transformed her and her clients drastically. Most importantly, it is very gentle, yet has dynamic results.

Access Bars incorporates holistic techniques which helps you overcome your limitations and have a greater and larger perspective to life which you have only dream off it is also aimed at fostering mindfulness and stress management. By using skills that extend beyond traditional coaching, she equip clients with the tools needed for sustained personal and professional success.

At the core of her coaching philosophy is the belief in empowerment. She strive to instill her clients the confidence and capability to forge their own paths in life and fostering a mindset of self-reliance and resilience, guiding individuals to become architects of their destinies.

With a commitment to continuous learning and an arsenal of diverse techniques, she stand ready to guide clients towards a future where they not only reach their potential but surpass it, creating a life that is truly their own masterpiece.

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