Dr. Kavya Jaiswal

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Consultant, and Healer

I have a knack for venturing into places, beyond the ‘accepted’ so I went from being a mother to a psychic medium to a metaphysical enthusiast and researcher.

‘What else is out there?’ has always got my eyes sparkling and ears listening. This has helped me to pool information about people, events, energy, and our very own Universe.

Practicing as a psychic and a medium for over eight years now gives me real-life stories about the adventures of the soul, its ways, its whereabouts. Some of those parts of the universe which are yet to be discovered and the role of the soul in that milieu.

Over the years, working with the life on both sides of the plane, I have discovered that there really is nothing like death. Then why is it called so? It is just a change of the garb assumed by the spirit but then what happens to it after the body is shed?

This and more baffled the inquisitive mind that led me to discover that we are not alone, we never were nor will be.

Take it with a pinch of salt but start now. My abilities as a medium take me on many a blissful sojourn that helps bring peace and comfort in the lives of the grieving, loved ones left behind on the earthly plane.

It feeds my insatiable appetite for ‘the beyond’. It turned out I got more than I had bargained for. The brilliant visions, information in one-to-one sessions leave me feeling enriched with the light of the spirit each time I agree to do one.

My expertise lies in tuning into the deepest and hidden aspects of one’s spiritual dimensions and untangling the knots for them from there. This results in an immediate understanding of their shadow aspects and the integration of their scattered parts. Once this is achieved, they begin to see their current reality as an extension of who and what they are inside. This is a powerful moment of awakening that brings the reigns back into their hands so they can understand how they are creating their reality and its subsequent manifestations. I also work on healing the inner child issues that I believe are present in everyone and require healing. That said, these are just some of the dimensions of the spiritual aspects that I like to address, but to be honest, I feel that we are multidimensional beings, so the process of healing must be all-inclusive, i.e., involve the fine tuning of body, mind, and spirit together. I would love to share some knowledge in this regard through my workshops and activations through channeled meditations, as well as one-on-one and group sessions

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