Adnan MJ

Reiki Grand Master, Psychic Intuitive Medium & Empath

Adnan MJ Jafary, is born healer with healing hands and a certified Reiki Grandmaster,Psychic Intuitive Medium & Empath

His mission is to help people with their spiritual,physical and emotional struggles by focusing on intentions that include happiness,health,wealth,prosperity,& positivity.

He have been practicing various forms of Reiki and Hypno-Reiki both distantly or in person for the past 14 years across the globe and very active on social media platforms and experienced in aura cleansing & chakra balancing and activation of Kundalini with working on soul star & earth chakra.

He practices
🙌Seichem(Ancient Egyptian)
🙌Rainbow Reiki
🙌Karuna Ki Reiki
🙌Traditional Usui

He makes sure that his clients are left with a clear mind and a boost of positive energy by the end of the sessions.

Similarly, he also deal with negative entities & space clearing,which is a proven permanent solution to problems that lead to emotional and physical instability.

Apart from that does intuitive/psychic readings which include
🧿Aura Reading
🧿Relationship reading
🧿picture reading
🧿Pendulum readings

Readings are also a skill of his which I can easily tackle with.

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