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Workshops & Courses

Psycho-Geometrics Workshop

The Science of using Geometric Shapes to Decode People

Our lives and work is shaped profoundly by our personality. It is our personality that influences how we make conversations, resolve differences, deal with conflicts, the careers we choose and whether we succeed at them. It also governs whether we can be successful leaders, what motivates us, how much we learn from our mistakes and assert ourselves.

Psycho-Geometrics® provides a powerful methodology to decode your own personality and identify ways to improve communication.

It uses geometric psychology to identify the beliefs, values, and attitudes of any person you meet.

Psycho-Geometrics® gives you the insight which allows you to expand your communication style to instantly relate well to others, even seemingly complicated people!



The Path-Breaking Discovery By Dr. Susan Dellinger

Dr. Susan Dellinger, communications specialist and author of ‘Communicating Beyond Our Differences’, developed a path-breaking behavioral system that uses a “common shape language” to identify personalities and decode the ways in which our individual brains function.

Once you understand the “common shape language” you can use it immediately to turn tension into traction – confusion into clarity – ideas into results!

Psycho-Geometrics® is a ubiquitous articulation of Carl Jung’s insights into Personality Types.

Psycho-Geometrics® is especially useful in linking behavior to results in the areas of leadership, management, communication, team building, sales and service and can be utilized by any department.

Psycho-Geometrics Dubai

How will you benefit from this program? 

  • Understand your own unique personality-communication style, using a path-breaking international tool

  • Know the strengths and pitfalls of your style, and learn how to make conversations a success

  • Discover personality-communication styles of other people

  • Communicate effectively with all types of people

  • Experience more confidence in Social Gatherings & Professional Settings

  • Make better Career choices/ path

  • Reduce tension, increase interaction and overall performance levels

  • Improve your Work Style & Decision Making

Participants will know their Shape in-depth and learn specific communication techniques to assist them in working with people of different Shapes.
They will develop the skills to understand Psycho-geometric shapes that impact the behavior patterns in their family, social circle, organization, department, teams, etc. 

Some Testimonials Worldwide

“Amazing, Mind Blowing Concept. Have got answers to many questions I had”

Dr. Nirmal Raut (Cancer Surgeon)

“Such an imaginative way to understand personalities! This has really helped me”

Gaurang Shah (Managing Partner – SU Realtors)

“Very unique and full of energy. So precise in terms of content, delivery, and activities, feeling very positive after this!”

Suhasini Bamane (HR Professional)

“It was an amazing workshop which would help me decode different personalities and improve my communication with people in all walks of life”

Ria Roy (Student)

“Very informative. Has given me a lot to introspect. Will be of utmost use in my career”

Dr. Aditi Patel (Dental Surgeon)

“Great Course & Facilitation. Overall learned about my and others personality to improve my communication”

Tushar Mehta (Associate Director)

“Unleashed my personality by unraveling different shapes. Very practical and brings assurance that it is quite possible to deal with different people.”

Mohammad Momin (PhD)

“Thank you Sneha & Shashank for enlightening me with my own personality and enriching my connection with others, making everyday life a smooth journey”

Sarita Patwari (Home-Maker)


We bring to you this fun 'Psycho-Geometrics Personal Shape Indicator'. Are you ready to try it?
Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or a Rectangle
Take this quick Personal Shape Indicator and discover so much more about yourself.

Click here to take it free!

(Note: This is not the full inventory, it is only a fun shape indicator. The full inventory is a part of the workshop.)

For more information on the upcoming Psycho-Geometric® Workshop click here


“Unleashed my personality by unraveling different shapes. Very practical and brings assurance that it is quite possible to deal with different people.”

Mohammad Momin - Psychogeometrics

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