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Workshops & Courses

Aura & 7 Prana
Practitioner's Course

We are not just physical bodies – for around us is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field that can be described as a rainbow-like, egg-shaped luminous light body – The Aura.

This ‘subtle-energy’ field interacts with our physical body by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy, infusing our physical body with ‘Prana’ or ‘Life-Force’ energy. These centers are known as Chakras in Sanskrit – meaning ‘Wheels of Light’.

This course is aimed at anyone who is interested to delve deep into the truth about their own existence and would like to bring in healing, balance and harmony into their lives while being able to help others do the same. Healers who are practicing other modalities will be able to deepen their understanding and expand their knowledge. The course has been designed to offer in-depth information in order to equip learners to fully understand the energy system and apply it on a daily basis and be able to practice it professionally.

The Aura & 7 Prana Course consists of 3 modules in Level 1 and 4 Modules in Level 2 with a total of 7 modules.

Aura & 7 Prana – Level 1

1. Understanding the 7 Pranas:

  • Brief introduction and history of this ancient science.
  • Understanding the 7 Pranas - Colours, Meanings, Symbols and Sound Vibrations.
  • Planetary and Days of the week association with each Prana.


2. Diagnosing & Resolving Issues with the 7 Pranas:

  • How to diagnose each of the 7 Pranas.
  • Learning to use your pendulum for dowsing and diagnosing.
  • How to diagnose with hand.
  • Meaning of your diagnoses – Blocked, Overactive, Underactive, Weak Prana
  • Simple prana healing methods.
  • Cleansing and balancing the pranas.


3. Prana Healing Tools:

  • 7 Prana Stones
  • Essential Oils and how to use them
  • Using a pendulum
  • Prana Meditation Techniques for self-healing and balancing

Aura & 7 Prana – Level 2

1. Understanding the Aura:

  • Introduction to aura.
  • How does an aura operate. Why are we electromagnetic?
  • The aura layers and colours
  • How to see auras.
  • Measuring a person’s auric field.


2. Issue with the aura:

  • What can go wrong with the aura?
  • Cleansing the aura.


3. Healing the aura:

  • Clearing and Charging the aura
  • Healing with colour
  • Aura Meditation


4. Conducting a Healing Session for the Aura & 7 Pranas will include:

  • Preparing & Protecting yourself before a client healing session
  • Conducting your healing session
  • Cleansing yourself post a client healing session.


*Materials provided: Dowsing Pendulum, 7 Prana Crystals, Auric Field Measuring device.



"I went to see Sherry for Hypnotherapy to alleviate fear of flying. Before the first session I was nervous about the process but Sherry’s calm demeanor put me instantly at ease. By the second session I was already feeling much more positive about finally getting over a fear that I had not been able to shake with any tools and techniques I’d tried. Sherry gave me a tape of our sessions and equipped me with tools to use before and during my sleep."

Lana Simons
HR Consultant, Italy

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