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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a safe and effective state of relaxation. It is created in order to access your subconscious mind to deal with past painful experiences as well as associations of behavior that are causing discomfort in the present. This can be either learned beliefs or simply experiences.

Hypnosis apart from dealing with experiences of the past simultaneously orients you into the present also programs the mind to create a desirable future.

The subconscious mind is 6000 times more powerful than the conscious and can be programmed to attain skills and enhance belief systems

Research has suggested that 5-6 sessions of hypnotherapy has shown to be equivalent to 22 sessions of counselling or 40 sessions of psychotherapy.

The human mind is a product of one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour; gaining appropriate control over these allows us to be mindful which can help manifest a more positive and most effective future.

The body perhaps is a part of the larger existence, the mind. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to work with all discomforts, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis helps to attain a deep meditative relaxation that can help enhance the productivity of the mind.
    It helps to improve focus and concentration.
  • The mind stores long term memories that have the potential to hinder growth and disturb present experiences. Hypnosis helps to release such experiences from the core of its cellular existence. 
  • Unlike many other forms of therapy hypnosis takes very few sessions, sometimes as little as a single session is enough to present profound results.
  • It works on the core causes for unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, maladaptive lifestyle, eating disorders, etc. Hence bringing about permanent change with ease.
  • It is a hollistic form of healing that ignites and continues spiritual evolution and understanding towards one's on soul journey and existence.

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Course

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"I must tell you without any reservation that our experience of meeting Madam Sherry was indeed extremely good we were highly impressed with her simple and lucid explanation for healing Chakras of Mrs Shah. We shall definitely recommend her without any doubt."

Chandrakant S - Chakra Healing

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