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Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals have a naturally powerful high vibration. Their strong energy fields can be used to heal issues and blockages and raise personal vibrations. It is a great advantage to have natural crystals of any sort in your environment and the stones with high crystal energy are powerful aids to move you forward in your life.

Many of these high vibration stones have potent energy that may create extraordinary change in your life. If they are within your auric field they will give off constant crystal energy, a vibration that your body uses to heal itself. Depending on what sort of healing you require, there are special stones that you might use for different reasons.

There are specific stones that are effective for physical healing, mental healing and others for emotional healing. Most of the stones of a higher vibration resonate most strongly within the chakras from the heart.

Each of the chakras have a specific role in your overall health and your spirituality. Individual chakras affect different areas and the use of particular chakra stones can create varied outcomes within the chakras.

Crystal Healing in Dubai

Benefits of Crystal Healing

  • Crystals are healing and can work to restore our cells and organs to their optimum functioning levels.
  • Crystal healing can help increase your abundance.
  • Crystals work tirelessly to remove blockages of self-doubt and fear so we can embrace our intuitive self.
  • Crystal Healing can help to break down barriers to forgiveness such as anger, resentment and sadness. This can then restore the flow of life towards a greater potential.
  • Crystals can be incorporated into our day to day lives and activities easily and effortlessly. They provide lasting results for yourself and family.

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"Sherry is one of those miracles of a human being. She really knows her stuff, and implies it in a way it is in-depth, intuitive and spot on!

My partner and I felt completely ‘read’ by her. I really like the fact she is a psychologist and mixes it with her intuition and other trainings. It allows her to give you a ‘whole’ rounded medical approach. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Sherry!"

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