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Unblock Abundance in 2020 Workshop

2 pm - 6 pm AED 399 Zankhana Mistry

Unblock Abundance in 2020 Workshop based on Family Constellation

Every family is unique and every family has its own dynamic which is knowingly or unknowingly triggered and supported by each member’s actions. We often wonder why my family is the way it is, do we truly belong to this family? We wish for things to be different, we wish for family members to behave and act differently, somehow we wish for things to be a certain way so that we can be comfortable being around our own family. Most of us try and try… sometimes our efforts work out to find amicable resolutions and sometimes they don’t! Nothing changes and often we gave up and accept these important relationships the way they are but secretly wishing they were different.

Just as we inherit physical traits from our parents, we also inherit emotional patterns that are unconscious and unspoken. Unaware of their influences upon us, we perpetuate family patterns of illness, failure, unhappiness, addiction, etc. and pass them on to our children. These patterns continue from generations to generations completely unaware of individual experiencing the effects of it, causing distress in the family. Our fate is connected and affected by the actions of our parents, our ancestors, and our family members – this awareness has a powerful impact.

Through the series Family Constellation based relationship revival workshops, we will bring the focus back on the family dynamics and simply become aware of them thereby allowing us to break those patterns and lead healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. Revive our relationships, our family bonds to revive your future and your fate.


The workshop involves profound short exercises focused on family relationships followed by relationship sound meditation.


Come, experience this powerful yet simple workshop with specially designed activities and meditations and take the first step towards your healthy and happy family life.

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