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"I felt very welcomed by Zankhana's approach, During the Chakra Balancing session I felt relaxed & it was as though I was floating in the air with beautiful sounds around I felt safe and energized after the session also I felt zankhanna knew what was needed for me to bring back my balance. So I highly recommend her session to try it out and know for themselves the benefits of it.
Thanks so much for the lovely experience :)"

Muthu Raman - Chakra Healing

"Sherry is one of those miracles of a human being. She really knows her stuff, and implies it in a way it is in-depth, intuitive and spot on!

My partner and I felt completely ‘read’ by her. I really like the fact she is a psychologist and mixes it with her intuition and other trainings. It allows her to give you a ‘whole’ rounded medical approach. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Sherry!"

Lija S - Relationship Counseling

"I went to see Sherry for Hypnotherapy to alleviate fear of flying. Before the first session I was nervous about the process but Sherry’s calm demeanor put me instantly at ease. By the second session I was already feeling much more positive about finally getting over a fear that I had not been able to shake with any tools and techniques I’d tried. Sherry gave me a tape of our sessions and equipped me with tools to use before and during my sleep."

Lana Simons - Fear of Flying
HR Consultant, Italy

"Thank you. For the first time since I can actually remember I’m smiling not because I have to because I want to. Sherry’s professionalism and care has really changed my life around. Where I was from our first meeting to where I am now after only seeing her three times has been amazing, even people around me can feel I have healed. I’m so glad I came here because I believe it has saved my life."

Harpreet K - Trauma Therapy
Event Organiser, UK

"The first thing I can say about Sherry K. which you can immediately feel the minute you connect with her is serenity. Then, what you see right after is her character unveiling itself slowly and calmly in front of your eyes with a big smile on her face. Once you walk into the room and as your anxiousness and excitement starts building up, her approachable, calm, and confident presence with her soft spoken voice, serene tone and willingness to share, puts you immediately into a peaceful state."

Joanna - Life Coaching
HR Consultant, UAE

"I have no words to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Or as you always mentioned, I have done for myself. People around look at me and wonder if I am still the same Ricardo or I have had a soul replacement. I feel like a new born child.

I can breathe more fully with all that power in my lungs. I smell life with so many fragrances in each moment. My house, my car, my clothes and my life smells so real. Each day I am discovering so much more because now I have quit smoking."

Ricardo - Smoking Cessation
Motor Sales, UAE

"My sessions with Dr. Zankhana Mistry really made a difference in the perspective I see my life. It cleared all the fog and gave a clear vision to focus. The positive vibe and warmth that I got from my sessions with her are helping me to look forward to the tasks ahead and leave behind the unnecessary baggage that I was carrying. The whole experience was very Deep, Calm and Settling. Thank you very much!"

Vino Supraja - Hypnotherapy

"I took 9 sessions, where 6 for quitting smoking.

I truly have to thank Dr. Zankhana for her great support as finally after several trials I am free from smoking and I started a good attitude with my parents, as well. 

She is amazing, not only because she's a great professional but because she understood deeply my situation and put more time and effort to fix it. Plus, the atmosphere she created is cozy and perfect for a deep relaxation.

I definitely recommend her sessions and the power of hypnotherapy"

A.V - Smoking Cessation

"I’ve attended three of Zakia’s Angelic Healing meditation classes and each time I’ve walked away with a deeper sense of calm, inner happiness and positivity. Keeping my mind in the present has always been a struggle for me but during my meditations with Zakia whenever my mind wandered, with her soothing voice she was able to bring it back to the here and now thus enabling me to continue my journey into a deep meditative state. On all three occasions, I was brought to the presence of my Guardian Angel & the Archangels.

Every session was concluded with a one to one Angel Card reading. Having reached a certain crossroads in life these readings (messages) have helped me to make decisions about which path I should take and it always provided me with inner peace and comfort. Zakia has a passion for Angels and she infuses that same passion in you by very graciously passing on her knowledge to her students.

Looking forward to attending more Angel healing & meditation classes with Zakia."

K.P - Angel Meditation

"It’s been four years since I started this journey of spirituality and self-discovery. Not by choice really, but only out of lack of it. I’ve been to so many centers and gatherings, and they all seemed to contribute to my growth in a way, but not until I came Essentia center especially to one of Abeer Khiami’s classes that I noticed a huge difference not only in my inner progress but in the way her influence on me and others who am sure we all agree she’s an angel. 

I’ve said it to her a few time and I will always do. To find a teacher who invests time and effort our progress not just during the class, she’s been there for all of us any time we needed her, and gave us a lot of support, emotionally, and mentally and she offers new perspectives and insights each time we ask for her advice. 

Am really honored and privileged to have met her."

Ebtihal Abdullah - Women Empowerment

"Dear Abeer, my first meeting in Dubai with you was mind-blowing regarding what was happening in my life. Your guidance was much needed in my life. For me, you are my angel who guides me all the time. Your energies are so positive that after I only speak to you I start to feel better. Thank you for being there for me."

Tejinder Kaur - Gypsy Card Reading

"Dear Abeer, our first talk when we hadn’t even met blew me away. Your accuracy in guidance on most things for and about me has been a compelling reason to visit and then revisit you repeatedly. Not to mention your energies which give such positive vibes that I feel I always take away some of it with me. While I excitedly wait for some of the happenings as guided, I’m already looking forward to our next meeting. More power to you my dear."

Meeta Mehtan - Gypsy Card Reading

"I found the mix of guided meditation and discussion really helpful. I also really like covering a different topic/emotion every week. I have been able to start recognizing my own thought patterns and how these create a lot of negativity and stress in my life. Thanks to her therapy I learned how to let them go! Be happy and love myself.

Thank you, Sherie and Essentia Wellbeing for having this amazing class."

Jana Hewitt - Sound Meditation

“Unleashed my personality by unraveling different shapes. Very practical and brings assurance that it is quite possible to deal with different people.”

Mohammad Momin - Psychogeometrics

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